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Husband: Thomas Jefferson TOWNSEND
Born: 4 JUL 1856 at: ,,Texas Married: 10 AUG 1875 at: ,Howard,Arkansas Died: 26 JAN 1931 at: Wetumpka,Hughes,Oklahoma Father:Alex Clark TOWNSEND Mother:Nancy Taylor HOBSON Other Spouses: Francis Adeline WESTBROOK
Wife: Nancy Cordelia PROPS
Born: 5 SEP 1856 at: ,,Arkansas Died: 1884 at: ,Howard,Arkansas Father: John K. Propps Mother: Nancy E. Briscoe Other Spouses:
Name: Laura E. TOWNSEND Born: 3 SEP 1876 at: ,Howard,Arkansas Married: ABT 1893 at: ,,Oklahoma Died: 23 FEB 1904 at: Wetumka,Hughes,Oklahoma Spouses: James INMAN Lee MEADORS
Name: Dora Lementine TOWNSEND Born: 22 FEB 1878 at: ,Howard,Arkansas Married: ABT 1895 at: ,,Oklahoma Died: 12 DEC 1956 at: Ada,Pontotoc,Oklahoma Spouses: Jasper Dillon CHOATE
Name: Nancy A. TOWNSEND Born: 26 AUG 1882 at: ,Howard,Arkansas Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: TIMMS
!Family Papers

Census 1880 (7 June) Howard Co, Arkansas, Sulphur Springs Township
  73 74 TOWNSEND  Thos J.     W M 23       TEX  TEN  TEN
                  Nancy C.    W F 23  Wife TEX  ARK ARK
                  Laura E.    W F  6  Dau  Indian Nation  TEX TEX
                  Dora L.     W F  4  Dau  ARK  TEX TEX

Census 1870 (11-30 July) Polk Co, Arkansas, Sulphur Springs Township
   P50 336 336  Townsend Thomas 14 M W TX  with parents

Census 1860  Polk Co, Arkansas, Sulphur Springs Township
   P86 602 592  Townsend Thomas  4 M W TX  with parents
                      * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Family Bible Thomas Jefferson Townsend; in possession of his granddaughter
  Marie Timms.
  Thomas J. Townsend dob 1856 - 26 Jan 1931
  Nancy C. Propps    dob 5 Sep 1856 - 1884 died TB
                     Married 10 Aug 1875
                        * * *
  Laura Townsend             3 Sep 1876
  Dora Lementine Townsend   22 Feb 1878 - 12 Dec 1956
  Nancy A. Townsend         26 Aug 1882
                         * * *
Married Frances A. Westbrook 7 June 1885
                         * * *
  Asia W. (Male) Townsend   5 Aug 1888  Committed Suicide 1946
  Thomas Alen Townsend     23 Mar 1886 - 10 Sep 1962
                       * * * * * * * * * * *
From his bible - -"Indian Cure for Skin Tumors.
   pulverized liquores root  5 cups
   beeswax                   5 cups
   balsom coperas           10 cups
   Amaster we saw one casting out"
                       * * * * * * * * * * * 
Census 1900, (27th day of) Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation
                            (Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma, Midland Township)
   391 391 TOWNSEND Thomas J.  Head  W M Jul 1855  44  M 16      TEX  M   M
                    Frances    Wife  W F Apr 1850  50  M    6 6  ARK TEN ALA
                    Thomas     Son   W M Mar 1887  13            ARK TEX ARK
                    Acy        Son   W M Aug 1888  11            ARK TEX ARK

Census 1910 Hughes Co, Wetumka, OK 18 April (4-114-4A) #61-62
  61 62 TOWNSEND, Tom J.     Head  M W 54 M2 25     TX  TN  TN  Minister/gospel
                  Francis    Wife  F W 60 M2 25 3 3 ARK TN  TN
        BROOK, Flora        Niece  F W 22 S         ARK ARK ARK Teacher Public
  62 63 Son Ace & wife                                          School

                            * * * 
Tecumseh, Oklahoma 3 Aug 1922
   This is to certify that Rev. T.J. Townsend of Wetumpka, Okla. has this
   day been elected National Evangelist for the United States by the
   Co-Operative General Association of Free Will Baptist while in regular
   session in Tecumseh, Okla.
   Done by order of the Co-operative General Association of Free Will
   Baptist while in its Third Triennial Session.
   Signed B.F. BROWN, Moderator   W.H. YORK, Clerk.
   (Also listed in Official Credentials, Central District, Indian Territory
   June 1890 - Dec 1894 Book A Page 128 18 Nov 1883 Thomas J. Townsend
   Gospel Ministry, Freewill Baptist Church of Christ of Holly Creek, Howard
   Co, Arkansas. Pittsburg Co Court Clerk Office, McAlester, Okla.
                                   * * * 
Howard Co, ARK Marriage Records  Thomas J. Townsend (19) and Nancy C. Props
   (18) married 10 Aug 1875 by J.P. Richardson, M.G.

Howard/Pike Co, ARK Marriage Records (Book C Page 316) T.J. Townsend (29) and
   and Mrs. Fannie A. Kesterson (35) married 7 Jun 1885 by J.P. Barton.

(Probated 31 Dec 1932, Hughes County, Okalhoma)
  I Thomas Jefferson Townsend, of Wetumpka, Hughes County, State of Oklahoma,
  in the presence of Almighty God, and witnesses, and being of sound and
  disposing mind, and realizing the uncertainties of life, and the certainty
  of death, hereby make, declare and publish this my last wil and testament,
  hereby revoking all other and former wills by me made:
  - First, I direct that the expenses of my funeral and last sickness be paid.
  - Second, I direct that all my just debts be paid.
  - Third, I direct that Alonzo Meadors, Dora Meadors, and Nancy Meadors,
    my grandchildren, children of Laura E. Meadors nee Townsend, my deceased
    daughter, by her second husband, shall each receive out of my estate the
    sum of One Dollar.
  - Fourth, I direct that all the rest, resideu and remainder of my property,
    both real and personal, of whatsoever nature of which I may die possessed
    shall pass to my wife, Frances Adeline Townsend, for her use and benefit
    during her life time to be divided at her death among the following
    To Dora L. Choate, my daughter, one-sixth;
    To Franklin Ryan, my stepdaughter, one-sixth;
    To Nancy Ada Tims, my daughter, one-sixth;
    To Thomas O. Townsend, my son, one-sixth;
    To Asa W. Townsend, my son, one-sixth;
    To Cordelia Gregory and Dena Hill, my granddaughters, children of my
       deceased daughter, Laura E. Meadors, each one-twelfth.
  - Fifth, I hereby appoint my wife, Frances Adeline Townsend, sole
    executrix of this my Last Will and Testament to act without bond.
  IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my name, in the presence of
   (s) J. W. Odom   (s) Chas E. Shaber
  As subscribing witnesses, to whom I have declared this to be my last
  will and testament, this the 15th day of December, 1921.
   (s) Thomas Jefferson Townsend

  (NOTE The estate at Probate was:
  The West half of the Northwest quarter of Section 7, Township 9, North,
  Range 10 East, in Hughes COunty, Oklahoma. Value $600.00.
  Personal Property:  One cow worth $40.00, one male yearling worth $13.00,
  one male yearling worth $13.00, Homestead of value $250.00, Cash $2,392.00)
  Heirs received $503.54 each (grandchildren received$189.26) and Ace Townsend
  received "None, having renounced his intent"
!Census 1910, Hughes Co, ARK, Wetumka Township. Dau Denise INMAN living with
   sister Dora TOWNSEND CHOATE. Dau Delia INMAN living with half brother
   Thomas TOWNSEND
After Laura Townsend's death, Mr Meadors left for Texas taking his three
  children (Alonza, Dora and Nancy Mae) from the cemetery in a wagon. These
  children are mentioned in Thomas Jefferson Townsend's will.  Dora called about
  5 years after T.J. Townsend died.  The children from first marriage were taken
  by her sister(Dora L. Choate) and Ada Timms Campbell or her half brother.
Census 1880, Howard Co, ARK, Sulphur Springs Township
  73 74  TOWNSEND Laura E. W F 6 Dau Indian Nation  TEX TEX


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